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BEARDED SOLUTIONS is a US Veteran owned business of results. My goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for my customers who just want their technology to work for them!

I have over 10 years of cumulative experience in computer security, website design, and other computer-based technical areas and am passionate about not only exceeding your expectations but working with you into the future.

I love my customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Me page to tell me what I am doing right or what I can improve on.


The TIME is NOW to start improving your influence. Let BEARDED SOLUTIONS be your next step to business success!



My name is Eric Ammons. I am a veteran and security professional. During my eight years on Active Duty, I was honored to serve my country and lucky enough to meet some very amazing individuals along the way. In 2015, I completed my service commitment and decided to further my training through college programs with focus on computer science and business. However, I couldn’t give up the uniform. I enlisted into the Reserve component of the Air Force and continue to serve for the best country in the world! The photograph above (suit) is what I typically look like while serving in a military status (wondering why I don’t have a uniform on? Just ask!). The other photograph is me with my trusty four-legged partner, Rocky. He loves going with me everywhere (and whines when he can’t). Enough about me, lets talk about business…

My main focus for starting this company was to deliver safe, dependable, and effective IT services to those in the Seattle area that DIDN’T break the bank. I started out working in Downtown Seattle for an upscale Managed Service Provider (IT Services), which is where I had my first taste of civilian IT work. I loved it, and knew the surrounding North Seattle area could really benefit from the same service but at more “suburban” cost. So, here I am (less the commute to Downtown Seattle everyday!!!). I built Bearded Solutions to be a mobile solution for residents and small businesses alike. Through continual training and trend analysis, I have been able to keep sharp on technology advancements and troubleshooting techniques. I look forward to the growing future of this company and hope to meet you soon.


Eric Ammons

Owner, Bearded Solutions



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